We do not specifically have an adapter for the Cotton Gin Drum Smoker. As an alternative, purchase either our FB400 or FB500 WiFi Universal kit:


FB400-WiFi Universal Kit: https://www.flameboss.com/product/flame-boss-400-wifi-smoker-controller-kit-universal/ 

FB500-WiFi Universal Kit: https://www.flameboss.com/product/flame-boss-500-wifi-smoker-controller-kit-universal/ 


and purchase the following additional items available at most hardware or plumbing supply stores:


1” x 4” Pipe Nipple:

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1” x 3/4“NPT Threaded 90° Degree Elbow

1 in. x 3/4 in. Reducing 90 Degree Elbow - NPT Threaded 125# Bronze Pipe Fitting - UL Listed

Thread the 1” x 3/4” 90° elbow onto the 1” x 4” threaded pipe so it resembles our Drum Smoker Adapter as shown below. This assembly is inserted into the air intake vent pipe of your Cotton Gin Drum Smoker.
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Thread the Flame Boss Threaded Ball Valve Adapter (see picture below), included in our Universal controller kits, into the 3/4” end of the 90° elbow:

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The Flame Boss Blower square output attaches to the square opening in the Flame Boss Threaded Ball Valve Adapter.