The open-pit pause on an FB500 has an automatic 2:00 minute delay before the fan comes back on after the lid has been opened. This delay is to help prevent the pit temperature from overshooting the set temperature due to the lid being opened and potentially igniting more charcoal. This setting may be decreased or increased if you feel the default 2-minute setting is too long or short.

To change the 'Max Open Pause' setting follow these steps:

1. Press the 'Next' button then the 'Up' arrow button once so the following is displayed on the LCD screen:        

    Pit Alarm


    Advanced WiFi

 > Other    


2. Press the 'Next' button 3 times until the following is displayed:


    Max Open Pause

    [ 2:00]

3. Press the 'Up' button to increase or the 'Down' arrow button to decrease the time to the desired setting:


    Max Open Pause

    [ 2:30]

4. Press the 'Next' button to enter the new setting

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