If you feel your temperature probe is not providing an accurate temperature reading you can perform a boiling water test to check the accuracy of both temperature probes. It is important when inserting the metal probes of coated probes into the boiling water to assure the connections where the cable connects to the probes do not get submerged into the boiling water.

Here is a chart that shows the boiling point of water by altitude:

Approximate Boiling Temperatures of Water

Altitude  –  Temperature

Sea Level – 212˚ F

984 ft. – 210˚ F

2,000 ft. – 208˚ F

3,000 ft. – 206˚ F

5,000 ft. – 203˚ F

7,500 ft. – 198˚ F

10,000 ft. – 194˚ F

20,000 ft. -178˚ F

26,000 ft. – 168˚ F

Note: Each 500-foot increase in altitude causes a drop of about 1° in the boiling point.

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