If you feel your temperature probe is not providing an accurate temperature reading you can perform a boiling water test to check the accuracy of both temperature probes. We recommend that you do not submerge probe cables in the boiling water.

Here is a chart that shows the boiling point of water by altitude:

Approximate Boiling Temperatures of Water

Altitude  –  Temperature

Sea Level – 212˚ F

984 ft. – 210˚ F

2,000 ft. – 208˚ F

3,000 ft. – 206˚ F

5,000 ft. – 203˚ F

7,500 ft. – 198˚ F

10,000 ft. – 194˚ F

20,000 ft. -178˚ F

26,000 ft. – 168˚ F

Note: Each 500-foot increase in altitude causes a drop of about 1° in the boiling point.

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