To start a cook on a kamado-style ceramic grill using your Flame Boss®, we recommend filling up the fire pit with lump charcoal to within 2-3" of the bottom of the diffuser plate. Light just enough charcoal in the center top of the lump charcoal to allow sufficient time to get the diffuser plate, grill grate and the Flame Boss® pit probe clipped to the grill grate without the flames going out. Close the grill lid and plug the pit probe into the controller. Attach the Flame Boss® kamado blower to the kamado adapter plate that is inserted in the air intake vent on your grill. Make sure the top vent of the grill is closed almost all the way. If the pit temp overshoots the set temp by 10˚F or more, close the top vent all the way until the pit temp lowers to the set temp then open the top vent slightly.

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