Our FB400 and FB500 Kamado kits will work with both a Vision Pro C-Series &  S-Series & Elite grills if our Flame Boss® Kamado VC Adapter is also purchased. Here is a link to the VC Adapter on our website:


To attach the Flame Boss® Kamado VC to your Vision Pro S-Series grill, provided below is a video a Flame Boss® 500 Kamado user created showing the process on his Vision S-Series grill. 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ygjJCLPbTs (Watch at 5:00m timestamp)

To install the Flame Boss VC Adapter on a Vision C-Series grill, open the ignitor door and insert the VC adapter from beneath by inserting the notched tabs on the VC adapter into the gaps between the door hinges.

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