Our FB100 (Non-WiFi) and FB200, FB300 & FB500 (WiFi-Enabled) controllers have a setting in the menu selections to switch temperature readings between Fahrenheit and Celsius. On the Flame Boss® 200/300/500, press the "Menu/Next" button until you get to the screen that says "Other [Skip]", press the "Up" arrow button to change [Skip] to [Enter], and then press "Menu/Next" button until you see the "Temperature Scale Fahrenheit". Press the "Up" or Down" arrow until it says "Celsius" and press "Menu"  

There is also a setting to view the temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius for the cook data and graphs in the "Profile" section of the MyFlameBoss.com web app. The Temperature Scale setting is also found on the "Account" tab in the Flame Boss® mobile apps for all of our WiFi-enabled controllers mentioned above and our FB400.

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