To set-up your MyFlameBoss web account go to and click the 'Sign Up' button to create your new Flame Boss account and follow these steps:


1. Enter your email address in the 'Email' box provided.

2. Enter a Username in the 'Display Name' box provided. NOTE: This name may be displayed publicly!

3. Enter your mobile number (for text alerts) in the '+14075551234' box provided. 

4. Select Text Alerts 'OFF' or 'ON'. NOTE: If switched to 'ON', we will text you a 4-digit confirmation PIN to verify your mobile phone number.

5. Select Temp °F or °C.

6. Check the box beside 'Agree to the Terms of Use for this website.' to agree to our terms of use

7. Click the 'Sign Up' button


NOTE: You will receive an email at the email address provided to verify your email address. Click the link in the email to complete the verification process. If you do not receive the email please check your Spam or Junk folder in your email application.


Once logged in to your account: 


8. Click the 'Profile' tab on the dark gray/black toolbar

9. Click the gray 'Add a Device' box or link

10. Enter your Device ID NOTE: Your Device ID is the first 4-digits before the dash provided in the screen on your Flame Boss controller EXAMPLE: 1234-5678

11. Enter your Device PIN NOTE: Your Device PIN is the last 4-digits after the dash provided in the screen on your Flame Boss controller EXAMPLE:  1234-5678 

12. Click 'Add'

A picture of a Flame Boss® controller will display in the device list section of the page.

To monitor, maintain and edit the settings of your Flame Boss® controller remotely during a cook click on the 'Cook' link below the image of your controller or click 'Cook History' on the dark gray/black toolbar. To adjust the temperature or other settings click the small pencil icon beside the temperature display you wish to change or edit.

If you need further assistance, please click here to Contact Us or call us at 800-978-9078.