Absolutely! You may use your MyFlameBoss.com (MFB) account for multiple controllers by following these steps: 

  1. Obtain a Device ID and PIN number for each additional controller you wish to add to your account by connecting the controller to your local WiFi network. 
  2. Once connected the controller will display "MyFlameBoss.com - ID: 12345 P: 6789" (Note: the numbers displayed after 'ID:' is the device ID, the numbers after 'P:' is the PIN)
  3. Go to the 'Controllers' tab on the mobile app and click the 'ADD' button at the top OR click 'ADD' on a device listed under 'Local Controllers' OR login to your MyFlameBoss.com web app and click "Profile" on the toolbar then click the "Add a Device" link.
  4. Enter the new Device ID and PIN in the two boxes provided.
  5. Click either 'OK' on the mobile app or the "Add" button in the web app

The mobile app lists all controllers you have added under 'Added Controllers' on the 'Controllers' page and in the web app the profile page will display images for each controller added with the Device ID shown for each.

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