The raw data for each cook is available in your web account. Once logged in to your account, select the cook you would like to obtain the raw data from by clicking the 'Cook History' tab on the toolbar and selecting the cook you would like the raw data for in the list. Scroll down to the bottom of the cook graph and click the 'Get the raw datalink. 

The raw data gives the time, set temp, pit temp, meat temp 1, meat temp 2, meat temp 3, and fan output (duty cycle) for every point on the graph. Our raw data probe temperatures are in 1/10th of a degree Celsius. To convert take the value divide by 10. Then multiply that number by 1.8 then add 32. This is for each temperature point (set, pit, and meat).

The raw data for the "duty_cycle" value is the fan output percentage and displayed without the decimal point, e.g. 10000 translates to 100.00%. The temperatures are also displayed in the raw data export without decimal points. The time value is easy to parse for programs including Excel. Here is a web page that explains the equation to use in Excel: 

Therefore, the following values:



Would relate to these values:



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