Please follow the steps below to adjust the Minimum Set Temp setting in the controller's advanced menu:

1. Press and hold the ‘Menu’ and the 'Up' arrow button (^) at the same time on the controller until a long ‘beep’ is heard and the

following is displayed:

    [Main           ]

     Temp Control

2. Press the ‘Down’ arrow button (^) until the following is displayed:

    [Temp Control]

      Temp Sensing

3. Press ‘Menu’ button until the following is displayed:

    Min Set Temp


4. Press the ‘Down’ arrow button to change from 100˚ F to desired minimum temperature

5. Press ‘Menu’ until the display returns to main controller screen

    Note: The display will automatically return to the main screen after 15 seconds

Note: Cooking at pit temperatures less than 100˚F may allow the fire to go out

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