To switch your FB controller to a cooling versus warming device you will need to do these two steps:

1. Lower the Min Set Temp to 35

2. Change Direction from Output Warms to Output Cools

Here are the details for each one:

1. Press and hold "Menu" and "Up" buttons at same time until it beeps to enter the controller's advanced menu

   Select Temp & Blower with "Down" button and enter the menu item with "Menu" button

   Lower Min Set Temp to say 35 with "Down" button and press "Menu" button again

   Press "Menu" until you get back to the default screen

2.. Enter advanced menu again (press and hold "Menu" and "Up" buttons at same time until beep) press "Down" button to select PID

   Press Menu until you see Direction

   Press Down to change it to Output Cools

   Press Menu again to get back to default screen.

With this method you can leave the Min Set Temp low and only change the Direction when you want to switch between warming and cooling.

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