1. Login to your MyFlameBoss.com account, click 'Profile' on the dark gray toolbar near the top of the page

2. Click the 'Settings' link below the image of the Flame Boss® controller and beside 'Device ####'

3. Click the 'WiFi' link

4. Enter your WiFi SSID/Name in the first box provided

5. Select WiFi Security Type from the dropdown menu in the second box 

    Note: most WiFi security types are now WPA2

6. Enter your WiFi Key/Password in the third box provided

7. Click 'Submit'

8. A message is displayed stating 'WiFi information successfully sent to your Flame Boss controller'

Congratulations, your local WiFi network information is now saved on your FB controller. Please follow these steps to determine if your FB controller connects to your local WiFi network:

1. Unplug the power supply from your controller

2. Turn off the 'Personal Hotspot' on your smart phone

3. Plug in the power supply on your FB controller

4. Confirm whether your FB controller connects to your local WiFi 

    Note: the 'myflameboss.com - #####-####' screen is displayed once the controller is connected

Once successfully connected, do not perform a 'Factory Reset' or your saved WiFi network will be deleted.